April is Daffodil Month, and not only because spring has sprung!


I am sure you too have spotted the many displays around our communities selling the well-known yellow daffodils for the Canadian Cancer Society. So as we move into the nice weather, and our gardens, let’s take this opportunity to remember how to protect ourselves from the elements.

Without a doubt, spending time outdoors has many positive effects including an opportunity for physical activity and enabling your body to synthesize Vitamin D3, but remember that overexposure to UV radiation can also be bad for you.

Not only can excessive exposure lead to premature aging and sunburn, but it can also cause skin cancer and diseases of the eyes. So before going out to enjoy the beautiful weather remember to use sunscreen when the UV index is three or more, wear light-coloured long-sleeved shirts and pants and wide-brimmed hats. And of course don’t forget your sunglasses, but most of all – get out there to enjoy the beautiful weather!

Your friends at the Kawartha North FHT

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