Back to School



Well we have certainly had a great summer, but even though it is time to head back to school don’t let it end the fun. After weeks of activity it can feel daunting to get back into the swing of things, but if you keep a few basic tips in mind, back to school will be a breeze for you and them.

1. Get back into a schedule

After long summer nights at the lake, it can be easy to let bedtime slide, but remember that you are not really doing them any favours. Kids thrive with routine and lots of sleep to regenerate, especially as they head back to school. So work with them to come up with regular routines around bedtime, homework and fun.

2.  Eat well

Fall is a busy time and it is easy to slip into quick and easy options for meals which are not always the most nutritious option. Be prepared and stock up on items which can be used for lunches and quick snacks like yogurt or fresh fruit and vegetables which you have washed and/or pre-cut so that they are as easy an option as that cookie would be.

3. Stay healthy

Remember that with back to school comes back to sharing germs with their friends. Remind your kids of good hand washing routines so they don’t end up bringing home than just good grades.


With just a little planning, back to school won’t be a nightmare, so plan and have fun.


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