Beating the winter blues….


If you are like me, no matter how much you enjoy winter, this is the time of year when you are starting to feel a little blue and need some sunshine in your life. While we can’t change the weather, there are still a few things you can do to lift your spirits – even without a vacation south.

  • Change your perspective! To see the beauty on a dreary day, try photography and surprise yourself by what you may see this time of year. Not only can this allow you find beauty in nature, it is also a great opportunity to get some exercise which will lift your spirits as well.
  • And while we are on the topic of exercise, why not try something beneficial to both body and spirit like Yoga? It is sure to lift your mood as well as burning calories and toning muscles.
  • Try a new winter activity. Not only is it a reason to appreciate this long season, you may meet some likeminded friends looking to make the best of things at the curling rink.
  • Add some Omega 3 Fatty Acids to your diet. A 2010 study by Centre hospitalier de l’Université de Montréal showed the same efficacy in treating depression with Omega 3 as conventional antidepressants. Additionally, it has been shown to curb stiffness and joint pain, and lower triglycerides, the fats that increase your risk for heart disease.

And most important of all – if you don’t feel you can manage on your own speak to your health care provider about other options.

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