Care about your skin care


Over the years we have all heard how to protect ourselves from the summer sun – wear SPF30 or better , cover up, wear appropriate eye care.  Whether we always follow the rules or not, we definitely know them.

But what about fall and winter?  This time of year can be particularly tricky for skin protection.  The shorter days may lull us into believing that the UV rays are no longer harmful, but if you have listened to the weather reports, especially this year, we continue to have many “moderate” UV ranges.  Add to that the dryer air inside and your skin is experiencing a double whammy.  Follow a few easy steps and your skin will be safe and beautiful regardless of the weather.

  1. Use a good moisturizer on your hands and face and if you will be spending time outside, even in the winter, choose one with SPF protection.  This is especially true later on in the season when reflecting the sun’s rays off of snow and ice will add to their intensity.  So remember to apply broad spectrum sun screen to both your face and hands.
  2. Avoid wet surfaces against your skin which can cause itching, cracking and even sores.  If your socks or gloves got wet – change them even if it doesn’t seem that bad in the moment.
  3. Use humidifiers to regulate indoor air which is dried by central heating.  Placing several smaller humidifiers throughout your home will evenly disperse moisture.
  4. Look after your feet.  As we cover up for the cold weather, it’s easy to forget about moisturizing our feet, but this is the time when they need it most.  Use exfoliants and lotions containing petroleum jelly or glycerine for extra winter protection which will help prevent serious issues down the line.


So look after your skin and get out to enjoy the beautiful fall colours and get ready for a snowy and healthy winter.


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