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Back to School?

          While this is not the first September when I have looked at what back to school may mean to you, this year is unlike any other – if only I  could get a dime for everytime I have said that phrase since March, I could be rich. It seems unbelievable […]

An update on how to keep yourselves safe

            At this point, I think we are all becoming familiar with our “new normal”, but as we face flu season as well as re-opening schools, it seemed worthwhile to provide an update on how to keep yourselves safe and how to access healthcare in your communities when you do […]

Sleepless in Kawartha…

          As if COVID-19 has not wreaked enough havoc with our mental and physical health, it may also be impacting our sleep! I have personally never been one to suffer from insomnia, however, the combination of added stress and disrupted routine appears to have taken a toll on our sleep.  It […]

What time is it?

                I have long ago stopped being able to tell you what day it is without seriously thinking, let alone what time.  Apparently, I’m not the only one.  Aristotle apparently said that “time is the measure of change” and as one day melds into the next, nothing seems […]

The new normal?

Month four and while the seasons move on, life feels a bit like it’s at a standstill. That being said, tomorrow the Haliburton Kawartha Pine Ridge Health Unit, along with many others, will be moving into Phase II of the reopening. So whilst we are all looking forward to a haircut, what does this really […]

Happiness in difficult times…

As we head into that all-important and significant May long weekend whilst facing week ten of a pandemic, how are you reconciling the two? While the weather may belie the season, my gardens are telling me that summer is just around the corner; in fact my daylilies would be at an impressive height despite the […]

The Silver Lining

Whilst these certainly continue to be difficult times for us all, I would like to take my own advice and practice some brief moments of gratitude, so let’s look at some of the silver linings. The picture of a stag above was painted by my father-in-law following a sighting on one of their recent walks. […]

What are you missing?

As I talk with friends and family, remotely of course, it is interesting to hear what it is people miss the most during these strange times. Of course I often hear they “miss personal contact, visiting grandchildren, going to the office”, all of which are expected. What I find more interesting are the small things […]

Staying connected in difficult times….

Well, we are three weeks into the current measures and, speaking personally, every day continues to feel new and strange. I hope that whilst you continue to practice physical social-distancing to reduce the spread, you are able to remain in contact with loved ones and take this opportunity to reach out to someone who may […]

NO! Not more about the Coronavirus….

I have no doubt that you are just about ready to never hear the words Coronavirus or COVID-19 again, I know I am! Unfortunately these are difficult and unprecedented times and ignoring the facts will not help anyone. Of course there is so much information and it changes so rapidly, that it can be difficult […]