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Where’s the beef?

Where’s the Beef? Last month, Canada revealed its most recent edition of Canada’s Food Guide.  The first iteration, called “The Official Food Rules”, was introduced in July of 1942 in an attempt to mitigate nutritional deficiencies during wartime food rationing. Over the years, the “Food Guide” has formed the basis of many Canadians’ nutritional knowledge, […]

Putting your best foot forward….

Putting your best foot forward…. Whilst sandal season may be over, I would still like to take this time to get you to check your feet. For such an important part of the body, it seems to me that we often pay little attention to our “little piggies”. We squeeze them into shoes that are […]

Don’t let pain slow you down….

If you are anything like me, the changing weather will increase any discomfort you may have in your joints and make it awfully tempting to look for comfort on the couch, but this is likely the worst approach to take. While movement may feel uncomfortable, it is vital in reducing joint pain, increasing strength and […]

What to do to fill in for school hours….

Wow, yet another school year over, ready for summer break? If you are lucky enough to have vacation plans or are heading to the cottage, keeping the kids busy should be a cinch. Unfortunately, you may face heading to work most days or enjoying a “staycation” in which case, keeping your kids busy can pose […]

Coming clean about cleaning

Based on our recent weather, let’s assume that spring has finally sprung, so aside from starting my seeds, the thing that comes to mind is spring cleaning. I hate to admit it, but housework rates pretty low on my priority list; that being said, I recognize the joy of seeing a job done so there […]

Don’t sweat the small stuff….

Did you accomplish everything you wanted to this winter? Are you constantly feeling guilty about not calling your – mother, brother, sister, friend? How about fretting about your child’s last semester? We have all felt stress and while it can be a positive motivating factor, don’t let it become a negative force in your life. […]

Take some time to be creative

Too many things on your to-do list and your hobbies are falling by the wayside?  Don’t be too quick to dismiss your creative endeavours as frivilous. According to the American Public Health Association,  while chronic disease is a national burden, they are also often associated with negative psychosocial impacts such as depression which tend to […]

Help us help you!

We are looking at expanding our walk-in clinic services to serve you better.  Please take a moment to complete our short survey so we know what you would like.  A link to the survey can be found here. Thank you!

Another thing to add to the list….

Do you ever turn on the radio and hear that it is “National __________ Day” and think to yourself – do we have a day / week / month for everything? If you said yes, you are not alone and like myself, you have likely also thought – WHY do we have a day for […]


Effective January 2, 2018 we will change our lab hours to Monday and Tuesday 8:00am – 3:00pm, CLOSED FOR LUNCH 11:30-12:30.  Please note that we will no longer be open on Wednesdays unless Monday is a holiday. Happy New Year.