Coming clean about cleaning

Based on our recent weather, let’s assume that spring has finally sprung, so aside from starting my seeds, the thing that comes to mind is spring cleaning.

I hate to admit it, but housework rates pretty low on my priority list; that being said, I recognize the joy of seeing a job done so there is always a part of me that looks forward to a good day of cleaning. I think there is a certain mental catharsis to looking around after a long day and noting how beautiful your space is.

But don’t just wash dishes for your mental health, and yes, there are actually studies that show doing dishes reduces anxiety; instead, recognize that doing household chores has been found as effective as going to the gym according to researchers following 130,000 people in 17 countries. Performing 30 minutes of any kind of physical activity five days a week could slash your risk of death from any cause by 28 percent and your rate of heart disease by 20 percent – and yes, that includes mopping floors and vacuuming. Of course both the benefit and the fun increase exponentially if you add some of your favourite music.

Personally, my favourite part of spring cleaning is finally getting out into my garden and preparing the beds for the new season, although I do have to admit that I may be tempted to neglect the floors in favour of the flowers.

So feel good about clearing some of the chores of your list and get your exercise at the same time.

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