Dig for your health


I might be jumping the gun a little, but if you have a green heart as I do, you will be finding yourself longingly perusing seed catalogues at this time of year.

Well, gardening is not just fun but also good for both your mental and physical health. A recent study conducted by Bakker Spalding found that 88% of people reported that they found spending time in the garden benefitted their mental wellbeing.

Of course 2.5 hours per week of the moderate-intensity level activity associated with gardening will also reduce your risk for obesity and associated health problems and may even prevent colon cancer and osteoporosis according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. And lastly, let’s not forget the satisfaction and direct health benefits associated with a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables from your own garden.

So join me in embracing the seed catalogues and planning my own outdoor health regime this summer.

Your friends at the Kawartha North FHT

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