Happiness in difficult times…

As we head into that all-important and significant May long weekend whilst facing week ten of a pandemic, how are you reconciling the two?

While the weather may belie the season, my gardens are telling me that summer is just around the corner; in fact my daylilies would be at an impressive height despite the recent snow had they not been taste-tested by the deer. So as we continue to practice social distancing and other precautions to protect others, we must also take care of our mental wellbeing and practice self-care. Think of the last time you flew on an airplane and listened to the safety instructions; in case of emergency, secure your own oxygen mask first to be able to assist others who may need it.

Personally, having a limited ability to visit and socialize is not much of a change, but as the weather turns I need to feel the dirt between my fingers for my own well-being. Obviously everyone has their own way to keep themselves centered or positive and during abnormal and stressful times it is easy to lose sight of that. So take a moment and think about what truly relaxes you; is it listening to music with a cup of tea, writing a letter to a friend or being physically active? Given the current restrictions, how you achieve this may have changed, but we must all still take a moment to try and find that happy place to look after ourselves as we continue to move forward.

Of course there is no reason to take this opportunity and try a new experience to. Perhaps join an online exercise class or virtual dance lessons. Ever consider starting a book-club? With extra time on our hands, maybe now is your chance to use technology such as Skype or Zoom to start something new.

So whatever your “oxygen mask” might be, remember to access it during these challenging times to maintain your ability to look after yourself and others.

Your friends at the Kawartha North FHT

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