Happy New Year….

The last time I wrote about New Year’s resolutions was in 2017, but as we enter a new decade, it seemed a timely subject to revisit.

Making promises as you enter the New Year goes back to the Babylonians over 4000 years ago and is said to have been started by Julius Caesar in honour of the Roman god Janus whose two faces let him look both towards the past and future.

Whilst the types of resolutions have changed over the years, one thing has remained the same; January 1st is seen as a day to reflect and to focus on self-improvement. Unfortunately, as those of us who have ever bought that January gym membership know, making resolutions is a lot easier than keeping them. So how do you keep the promises you have made yourself?
• Keep goals realistic and if necessary, break them out into smaller steps. If your resolution involves the infamous gym, consider going a few times with a friend to get comfortable first rather than jumping in expecting to become a body builder by March.
• Don’t give up the goal if you have one set back. Failing once on changing a habit still puts you ahead of succumbing to the vice daily. So if you broke down and had that extra-large piece of cheesecake or one cigarette – don’t just give up on your goal.
• Know yourself! If you love chocolate more than life, resolving to never eat it again is a sure recipe for failure. Look at allowing yourself small pleasures without overindulging. For you, the resolution may include a square of chocolate each night while watching the news.
• And most importantly, it is about self-improvement, not becoming a new person; start with self-acceptance and find that even better version of you!

So Happy New Year and here is to another decade with the new and improved us.

Your friends at the Kawartha North FHT

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