Have you thanked your dog today?


We all know that pets can be good company and can decrease feelings of loneliness and isolation, but do you know all of the other health benefits they provide?

According to the American Heart Association, there is a link between pet ownership, especially dogs, and reduced risk for heart disease. Similar findings showed that people who have pets had decreased blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels, minimizing future risks of heart attack. In fact, pet owners over age 65 make up to 30% fewer visits to their doctors than those without pets.

Additionally, dogs tend to encourage us to get outdoors and exercise, making dog owners far more likely to meet their daily exercise requirements and to get to know new people in the process. Dogs are, after all, a great conversation starter.

Of course we cannot forget about the mental health benefits of pet ownership. They have been shown to reduce anxiety, provide sensory and overall stress relief and to add a sense of purpose and meaning to their owners’ lives.

So remember to thank your furry friend for keeping you healthy.

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