Take some time to be creative

Too many things on your to-do list and your hobbies are falling by the wayside?  Don’t be too quick to dismiss your creative endeavours as frivilous.

According to the American Public Health Association,  while chronic disease is a national burden, they are also often associated with negative psychosocial impacts such as depression which tend to increase negative impacts of such conditions.  Health psychologists have found that art provides an opportunity for self-reflection alters both behaviour and thinking patterns resulting in a reduction of symptoms.

Additionally, art fills the void often occupied by distracted thoughts of illness and reduces the associated stress and anxiety.  But if you are thinking the benefits are all “in your head”, think again.  An article in the Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine used writing as a treatment for HIV patients and found that it impacted the cells inside the body, leading to improved immune systems.

So don’t dismiss that hobby, whether you write, paint, sing or knit – it is good for you.  The physical and psychological benefits of being creative are expressed in tangible ways making it worth to set aside the time.

So do something creative and be kind do yourself at the same time.

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