Would you like to really ramp up the benefits of your walk today?

pole walking


We all know that walking can help maintain a healthy weight, manage and prevent many health conditions associated with diabetes and heart disease and strengthen your bones and muscles. But did you know that adding two inexpensive additions to your walking routine will further increase the many health benefits? Welcome to Nordic Poles.

There are over 100 research studies identifying that adding Nordic Poles to your walking routine will increase weight loss, improve your balance and posture and increase cardio by 20% vs. walking without them. Nordic Poles have been used as part of regular exercise since the 1960’s in Norway and are now gaining popularity around the world. The minimal investment, often less than $50.00, seems hard to refute given the stated benefits. Additionally, poles can increase your safety and stability while walking, use almost no storage space unlike some of the other exercise equipment available and require limited skill or training.

So the next time you are going for a stroll, why not improve your benefits by adding some Nordic Poles?

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