You read about exercise, but how about reading as exercise?

Obviously, reading can be enjoyable, but it can also provide a workout for your brain. Regardless of the type of reading material, the act of reading triggers parts of your brain not utilized during activities such as watching TV or listening to an audio book. Perhaps this is why adults who spend their downtime reading were shown in recent studies to have a more than 30% slower rate of cognitive decline in later years and are two and a half times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease.

While such statistics may be impressive, they are not entirely surprising. What may come as a shock is that people who read while exercising on a stationary bike or treadmill have been shown to increase the length of their workouts. The number one reason cited by participants was that they wanted to continue until the next chapter or the resolution of what they were currently reading. While this may not be advisable for your outdoor activities, it may certainly be a good reason to add five minutes to your winter workout.

Of course it will not come as a surprise that reading has also been shown to decrease stress and help sleep, so why not choose a good book and settle in as we wait for spring?

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